Homeless man who returned $10,000 check rewarded with home, job interview, education


NEW HAVEN, Connecticut – A homeless man who returned a $10,000 check to its owner is getting repaid in a big way.

Roberta Hoskie said she didn't even realize she dropped the check and was surprised when she received a call from a man named Elmer Alvarez who said he had found the check and wanted to return it.

Hoskie streamed the return of the check on Facebook live, repeatedly remarking on the fact that good people still exist.

Alvarez, who predominantly speaks Spanish, enlisted the help of a friend to make the call to Hoskie and return the check.

Alvarez told ABC News he wasn't thinking of himself, or ways to spend the money when he found the check. Instead, he was thinking of the person who lost it.

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Posted by Roberta Hoskie on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"I would've been feeling kind of desperate," Alvarez said.

Now, Hoskie is repaying Alvarez both with a check, an education and a place to live.

"There needs to be more people like Elmer Alvarez," Hoskie said. "He's a golden heart guy. He's a phenomenal guy."

Homeless man credited for finding, returning $10,000 check

Homeless man in Connecticut credited for finding and returning $10,000 check to woman who lost it. "Seeing her appreciating it and all that, you know? It made me feel good!" http://abcn.ws/2hqDKON

Posted by Good Morning America on Monday, November 13, 2017