SA man hikes near volcano that erupted one day after he left

Marko Buenrostro, friends flew out of Bali just in time

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio man who hiked up an active volcano just one day before it erupted is sharing the experience he and his friends had.

Marko Buenrostro posed for a picture with his friends after a long hike up Mount Batur in Bali.

In the background is an enormous peak called Mount Agung, a volcano now erupting and causing mass evacuations. 

Bali volcano strands 59,000 passengers, forces evacuation

"We were happy that we were able to make it out because we heard flights were canceled. They were stuck, and they were actually evacuating the area of the volcano where we were, so it was just really scary," Buenrostro said.

Buenrostro spent four days in Bali before the overnight hiking trip on Mount Batur. He and his friends flew to Phuket, Thailand, on Friday, the day before Mount Agung began spewing clouds of ash at least 5.6 miles into the sky.

Erupting volcano is suffocating Bali's economy

He said he can't believe the images he's seeing in the news.

"There was some smoke coming out and when we asked the guides, the tour guides, they said it was completely normal," he said.

What's happening now, however, isn't normal. More than 100,000 people have been asked to evacuate, at least 30,000 already have and another 4 million have been put on high alert.

The local airport is closed and more than 50,000 passengers are still stranded. 

Buenrostro, now in Thailand, is thankful and ready to get home to San Antonio.

"I'm so ready to go home and eat Mexican food!" he said.

The spokesman for Indonesia's National Board for Disaster Management said there is growing seismic activity around Mount Agung, indicating another eruption could happen soon. He said there is no way to predict when that might happen. 

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