SAPD, TxDOT encourage drivers to find sober ride home

Officer injured by drunk driver shares story


SAN ANTONIO – Officals with the San Antonio Police Department and the Texas Department of Transportation are encouraging people to avoid drinking and driving this holiday season.

On Thursday, Officer Michael Thornton shared his personal story of being hit by a drunk driver.

Back in January 2011, Thornton lost a leg when he was hit by a car while helping someone change a flat tire on the side of the road.

He said it was the moment his life changed forever.

"Everything I do is different now. The way I take a shower. The way I get up in the morning. The way I go to bed. Decisions I make on where to go sit at a movie. Everything I do has been affected by it," he said.

Thornton reminded people that there are plenty of options available to avoid drinking and driving that will get you home safely.

He says whether people take an Uber, taxi, or have a designated driver, there is no excuse for taking the chance of risking their own or someone else's life.