While still healing, First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs grows stronger

More than 200 people join First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas – A month after experiencing unspeakable tragedy, the community of Sutherland Springs is standing strong.

Sutherland Springs church shooting: One month later

Twenty-six lives were lost on November 5th after a gunman entered First Baptist Church of  Sutherland Springs during Sunday morning worship service.

Associate Pastor Mark Collins said the community is still trying to move on and establish a new normal.

"It's just amazing to see how strong these people are," Collins said.

Since that tragic Sunday, Collins said the church has grown and that 250 to 300 people have attended service every Sunday.

Remembering the victims

"Pretty excited about the new faces," Collins said. "A lot of folks have come and joined the church, so it's just amazing to see the Lord's work." 

A new, temporary building -- donated by Morgan Buildings -- will house the congregation when it is assembled in two weeks.

There is still no decision on where a new permanent church will be built, but for the time being, the First Baptist Church is gracious and appreciative of the continued support and love from around the world.

"We have just seen an outpouring from all over the country," Collins said. "There are so many people with just an incredible outpouring of encouragement."

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