Well-known SA philanthropist donates $10,000 to family who lost home in fire

Kym Rapier challenging others to help those in need

Two weeks ago, Kym Rapier’s Facebook friends were given a challenge.

She posted a quest to find someone to help during Christmas, but with the conditions that no one could nominate themselves, and it had to be someone she didn’t already know. 

The suggestions poured in.  

Then a friend sent her a Facebook post from KSAT.com showing the heartbreaking photo of the Arriaga family crying together at the loss of their home Friday night. 

Donations pour in for family that lost everything in apartment fire

Rapier knew she had found a family to help.

On Tuesday, Eneida Arriaga and Nicolas McGraw along with their two small children at their side opened a check that will help them get back on their feet. 

The $10,000 donation, they say, was completely unexpected.

Arriaga cried when she realized what happened.

"I'm really in shock,” she said. “I'm at a loss for words. It's very overwhelming."

The donation is one of many that come quietly into the homes of San Antonians according to the Rapier family. A representative for the Kym's Kids Foundation delivered the gift to the Arriaga’s new bare bones apartment. 

Karina Villa said these kinds of random acts of generosity are Kym Rapier’s way to telling San Antonio that, although, she no longer lives in the city, she still cares what happens to those in the Alamo City. 

"When she read their story, she was really touched,” Villa said. "This not anything new for Kym.

She's always blessing people. It's definitely new for this family and I know this is going to life changing for them."

The Arriagas said they are still having issues trying to adjust to losing all their belongings and being in a new house, but the outpouring of donations from friends, family and strangers make them grateful for what is to come.

Nicolas McGraw said he is looking forward to getting back to his job, and also being able to give back once he is firmly on his feet again. 

"To lose everything just like that, that quick, it's a very humbling experience. I’m just going to try to pay it forward and just try to help out anyone that we know that needs help," he said.

Kym and George Rapier are no stranger to disaster of late. They are currently are living in Italy after leaving St. Thomas where two hurricanes destroyed much of their home. They are also mourning the loss of two Wellmed employees who were shot in the Sutherland Springs massacre last month.   

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