College student forced to wear Christmas tree costume after tweet goes viral

Twitter photo
Twitter photo

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama – Kelsey Hall is a college student at the University of Alabama and she’s stuck wearing a Christmas tree costume after her tweet went viral last Saturday.

Hall, a chemistry major, said she would wear the spirited costume for the rest of the semester if her tweet garnered 1,000 retweets.

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“I thought 1,000 was a total unrealistic number,” Hall told Select All.

True to her word, Hall has been seen around campus wearing a giant Christmas tree costume.

She’s become a bit of a celebrity, with students trying to spot her and a lucky few who get photos.

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Thankfully it’s almost the end of the semester so she doesn’t have to wear the costume for too long.

See some of the best tweets of Hall in her Christmas regalia below:

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