What-A-Grinch: Thief returns restaurant's Christmas tree after heart grows 3 sizes

Seguin Police Department posts Grinch/Whataburger video to Facebook


SEGUIN, Texas – UPDATE: The man, better known as the Grinch by the Seguin Police Department, found his holiday cheer and returned the small Christmas tree after stealing it from a Whataburger in Seguin on Dec. 5th.

SPD said in a Facebook post on Monday that the Seguin man stole the tree on a dare but returned it days later.

"Grinch (unidentified man) did come in to the Seguin Police Station and will be doing 'community service' for his dastardly deed, which seems appropriate seeing as Christmas grace is what he needs," SPD said in the Facebook post. 

Whataburger Grinch Returns Tree.

Just like the Grinch in Whoville that year, He wound up finding his Christmas cheer. Our local guy, who stole from Whataburger on a dare, Returned the short tree, which is actually quite rare. To those who might steal this Christmas year, We ask that you rather give some Christmas cheer. ~Seguin (aka Whoville) Police Department PS. Grinch did come in to the Seguin Police station and will be doing "community service" for his dastardly deeds, which seems appropriate seeing as Christmas grace is what he needs. #Whataburger #AllTimeTexasFav #SeguinPolice #SPD #SeguinPD

Posted by Seguin Police Department on Monday, December 11, 2017

ORIGINAL STORY: The Seguin Police Department are searching for the culprit who stole a small Christmas tree at a Whataburger restaurant in Seguin about 12:20 a.m. Tuesday.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes this thief of holiday cheer to call the department at 830-379-2123 and ask for Officer Martina Wissmann.

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Bonus: If your tip leads to the thief's arrest you’ll get a bright orange and white gift card to Whataburger.

Whataburger staff members saved money to buy the tree and made the ornaments themselves, according to a Facebook post.


How the Grinch stole Whataburger's Christmas Tree!

SPD Case# 17-64712 Theft of Property <$100 (aka Grinch) The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season! Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason. Seguin PD needs your help. We are in a pinch. Identify this What-A-Burger GRINCH! Hey Facebook Detectives and Whataburger fans, we need your assistance. A Christmas Grinch left Whoville and struck an all-time Texas favorite in town. The theft of a Whataburger Christmas tree occurred on 12/5 at 12:20 am. We’re a bit upset about it cause the Grinch shown on video is most likely snickering at his “well thought-out plan” to steal from Whataburger. Yes we’re being sarcastic... We’re asking for your assistance in identifying Grinch in this theft. When speaking to Whataburger staff, they told us their employees saved money to buy the tree and made the Christmas ornaments. It’s a shame the Grinch decided to do what he did, but we have no problem arresting this “heartless-soul.” So, if you know this Grinch, we’d like to speak to him, then arrest him. Seriously. Wrapping our handcuffs around the suspect’s wrists…JUST LIKE 'YOU' LIKE IT. We’ll call ahead to the Guadalupe County Jail to make sure the Grinch’s jumpsuit is extra orange… you know, WHATABURGER orange. If you have information on this Grinch, please call the police department and speak to Officer Martina Wissmann at 830-379-2123 or contact our Investigations Division. If your tip leads to an arrest of the Grinch, we will throw in a Whataburger gift card. Guaranteed. Make this Grinch famous. -Officer C. Contreras #Whataburger #AllTimeTexasFav #SeguinPD #DontMessWithTexas #SeguinPolice #Bazinga #MakeHimFamous #ProudToServeYou

Posted by Seguin Police Department on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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