Caldo is San Antonio's cold weather must-have

SAN ANTONIO – In snow or sickness there's only one sure cure: Caldo

The south-of-the-border cold weather favorite is a "must-have" for many San Antonians. While the snow has already melted, there is still a winter chill in the air, and it's still caldo weather. 

"It's cooked daily, and we run out," Ismael Roldan, general manager of Nicha's Comida Mexicana said as he touted the restaurant's caldo. "Because with this weather, it's perfect for a caldo. It can be caldo res, chicken soup, tortilla soup, menudo."

No matter which caldo you choose, if it's hot, it's probably a dish worth taking your coat off and savoring.

"I don't like to take orders to go, they don't taste the same," Jocabed Dominguez said. "You have to eat it right there and then."

While yesterday's snow helped make a lot of new memories, caldo has already made its own share.

"When you're eating the caldo, it makes you think about when your mom makes it. So it brings back memories," Dominguez said.

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