Local students assemble donated bikes, get to keep them as presents

Students attend 5-hour program that teaches safety, maintenance, nutrition

SAN ANTONIO – Students from Roy Cisneros Elementary partook in a not-so-typical crafts project Saturday morning -- they assembled donated bikes and got to keep the bike as a Christmas present.

Volunteers with Google Fiber and Earn-A-Bike helped 100 kids from the school assemble the bikes at the elementary school, teaching the children about the various aspects of biking. 

Each student truly earned their new Diamondback bicycle, helmet, lights and bicycle lock. In order to get the bike, students had to complete a 5-hour program that taught them how to assemble their bike, patch a tire, properly wear a helmet and take a safe cycling class, as well as learn about proper nutrition habits.

After the class, students completed a two-mile bike ride around the school.

“The Earn-A-Bike Program empowers youth through skills sharing, we show our participants that they can accomplish their goals with a little effort and some elbow grease," Cristian Sandoval, co-founder and president of Earn-A-Bike co-op said. "The program promotes personal responsibility, achievement and self-empowerment, and you get a new bike."

In order to become eligible for the bike, students had to maintain good grades, a good behavior record and attendance throughout the semester.

"The Earn A Bike was born out of a need to provide kids an opportunity to feel proud of their work and empower them to work towards a better future," Destiny Mujica, Earn-A-Bike at School program manager said. "We believe that attendance, behavior and academic performance are the key to a successful life.”