Colorado forgets unofficial motto of Texas, shames litterbug

Viral video sparks debate among commenters


WHEAT RIDGE, Colorado – A woman with Texas plates, seen trashing a parking lot in Colorado, is being called out in a now-viral video that is also causing some debate.

The woman in the video dumps cups and other trash in the parking lot of a popular liquor store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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“Just because you are not in Texas anymore does not mean you can just trash Colorado,” the video caption reads.

That sentence has sparked some debate between transplant Texans and Colorado natives.

Keep Colorado Clean...

Just because you are not in Texas anymore does not mean you can just trash Colorado... #Texas Woman trashing Colorado. #KeepitClean #DontMessWithColorado #MakeHerFamous

Posted by Woodland Park Underground on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Some Texas supporter statements from the comment section of the original post are listed below:

"This lady is a jerk… she apparently didn't understand 'Don't Mess With Texas’ ...trashing up ANYWHERE is not ok."

"I’m from Texas and I live all summer and fall in Woodland Park!! That is horrible and she should be turned in."

“I’m from Texas… I have grown up spending over 50 years between Texas and Colorado… She does not represent me or anyone I am associated with. It’s disgusting no matter who you are, where you are from."

"What a piece! On behalf of Texas, I apologize, Colorado! I can only imagine, Texas booted her out with that kind of behavior.”

Some of the not-so-favorable comments about Texas are below:

"All these Texans and out-of-staters defending coming to Colorado.... nice comments and all. We still don’t want you here.”

"It is this crap that seeps in and defaces a wonderful place...thanks trashy woman, go back to TEXAS."

"Colorado don’t [sic] want you out of towners here. We hate you equally all across the board."

The video, posted Sunday, has more than 903,000 views.

Wheat Ridge Police Department also posted about the litterbug on their Facebook page and thanked the public for their help. 

Update: Litterbug outside Applejack's last week. Thanks for all the notifications regarding the person who left a number...

Posted by Wheat Ridge Police Department on Monday, December 11, 2017

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