Store employee stabbed while defending co-workers from robber, mom says

Timothy Ramos, 18, suffered cuts on face, throat

SAN ANTONIO – An 18-year-old man is recovering from a violent encounter with a robber at a Southwest Side Dollar General store.

Timothy Ramos suffered nearly half a dozen cuts on his face and throat, according to his mother, Cynthia Jimenez.

"It almost hit the jugular,” she said. “A couple more inches, he would've cut his jugular."

Jimenez is still mentally reeling from the attack.

She said her son, who spent part of Monday night in a hospital, is in a lot of pain but healing.

San Antonio police responded to the Dollar General, located in the 3500 block of SW Military Drive, around 8:30 p.m.

They said a man with a knife had attempted to rob the business and Ramos stood up to him, suffering multiple stab wounds.

"He's, like, 'Mom, my co-worker's right next to me,'” Jimenez recalled. “'The customer was right in front. I had to do it.'”

Jimenez found out about the incident when she drove up to the store, expecting to pick up her son after his shift. 

Instead, she found police, “helicopters, men with flashlight walking all around.”
She said her first instinct was to panic.

"I'm going hysterical. I keep calling (Ramos) until finally he answers and he tells me, you know, ‘I had a scuffle,’” Jimenez said.

She said her son has worked at that store for only a few months and this was, at least, the second robbery during that time.

Jimenez said her son told her the man who stabbed him is the same one who was behind the earlier robbery, only in that case he was armed with a gun.

"He doesn't want to quit!” she said. “He says it happens anywhere. Anywhere, you're in danger."

Police also plan to keep working on the case.

They will review surveillance video from the store in the hope of catching the robber soon.

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