Reporter Debrief: 100-year anniversary of Buffalo Soldiers' trial, execution

It is a period in the history of the United States we often still wrestle with — the Jim Crowe south. 

Segregation and mistreatment of black citizens was rampant, and legal, and that was also true within the United States military. 

In a two-part series, KSAT 12's Deven Clarke took a look at the largest court martial in the military's history, in which 13 Buffalo Soldiers were later hanged. That hanging took place here in San Antonio at Fort Sam Houston, near what is now a golf course. 

Deven sat down with Mark and Leslie on GMSA @ 9 to talk about this history and his trip to the Buffalo Soldier museum, where he met a descendant of a soldier. She said they are still fighting for posthumous pardons and headstones at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery that better describe their legacy.

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