San Antonio pit bull defying stereotypes as first police K-9 officer in state of Kansas

STAFFORD, Kansas – Kano, a red nose pit bull from San Antonio is breaking barriers as the first pit bull K-9 officer in the state of Kansas.

Kano's first owner Packo had always hoped Kano would become a police K9, but when Packo moved to San Antonio, he had to give Kano away due to apartment regulations, the Stafford Police Department said in a Facebook post earlier this month.

Packo was 4-months-old when he was given to the Viva Dog Training facility in Piedras Negras, Mexico. He was later picked up by the Animal Farm Foundation, a pit bull advocacy group, then went through an 8-week training program at Universal K9, a group that trains dogs for law enforcement and veterans.

After Kano passed his 8-week training program, he was promoted to a 2-week handlers course and was sent to the Stafford Police Department upon completion of the course.

"What we were told prior to coming to Universal K9 was there were 8 dogs and 8 handlers," Kano's handler wrote. "When it was my turn to receive a dog from Universal K9 Kano appeared from a kennel. Kano had to pick between another handler and I. Kano came to me without hesitation."

The pit bull K-9 officer is trained in locating marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy.

During the International City/County Management Association conference in San Antonio, Kano showed off his skills during tests in various settings including parking lots, commercial buildings and residential buildings and different temperatures and weather conditions.

"I have always been 'pro-pit bull,'" Kano's handler wrote. "These dogs are misunderstood. Just like people, dogs are individuals too. Kano and I plan to get out there and help try to change the bad name that so many have given the pit bull."