San Antonio Fire Department employees, volunteers wrap thousands of gifts for local kids

SAN ANTONIO – Christmas is right around the corner.

The San Antonio Fire Department and hundreds of volunteers worked together to wrap thousands of gifts for kids across the city Saturday morning.

"It's just a time to give back to the community a time for family and friends to get together just feels good, gets you in the spirit and we want to share it," volunteer Roxy Chung said.

Chung is one of the more than 300 volunteers who were up bright and early, standing in line to help get thousands of gifts ready for boys and girls around the city.

The fire academy looked more like Santa's workshop during the event. Every year firefighters they expect a lot of volunteers but this year is bigger and better than ever, a true testament to San Antonio.

"I️ know that this city is just amazing especially good times and hard times everyone just comes together especially now joust so many organizations that come together and help those in need," Chung said.

"We take care of each other that we are a good community and we will always be there for each other," Linda Almendarez said.

Almendarez works for the fire department and volunteers every year, this year she even brought her son. She said it gets him involved in the community and it's important to help the children of the city.

"Not everybody is able to have a good Christmas," Almendarez said. "People are less fortunate and maybe can't always get what they want, so the fire department is able to provide some happiness for them."

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