Man who called himself 'Head Huncho' lured robbery victims using Offer Up app, police say


SAN ANTONIO – A man who went by "Head Huncho" on an app called Offer Up is behind bars after he allegedly robbed two people he met on the app.

Draevion Burley Jeter, 18, is charged with aggravated robbery. According to an affidavit, Jeter used the Offer Up app to message a person selling Air Jordan 4 White Cement shoes. Jeter told the seller he was interested in buying the shoes and wanted to meet up.

Authorities said Jeter met the seller in the parking lot of a Bill Miller Bar-B-Q in the 4500 block of Broadway on Dec. 6. There, Jeter allegedly inspected the shoes and told the seller "I'm sorry I have to do this to you" before raising his shirt to show the seller a silver revolver.

The victim said he asked Jeter if he was really going to shoot him over a pair of shoes, to which Jeter replied "You would be surprised what I have done, this is light work."

Authorities said Jeter told the victim to get back in his car, so he did as he was told, but followed Jeter in his car as he called police. The victim stopped following Jeter when he began walking toward him, once gain showing the victim the gun in his waistband.


Later that night, police responded to a similar robbery also involving an Offer Up ad in a different part of town.