Family of 11 loses everything in East Side house fire just days before Christmas

Veronica Moran, her 8 kids, her husband, her mother lived in home

SAN ANTONIO – A week before Christmas, a family of 11 has lost a lot of holiday spirit after a fire destroyed their home Monday. All of their belongings were taken with it.

The nativity scene, the Christmas tree and all the presents underneath have been reduced to ash.

"This is the living room, or was the living room," said Veronica Moran, pointing to the damage. 

Still stunned, Moran slowly walked around her home of more than 20 years. She lived there with her husband, mother and eight kids, ranging in age from 1 to 23 years old.

Firefighters told the family the fire may have started at an outlet or light switch in the front room. The front door is the only way to get in or out of the house, so the family was fortunate no one was home at the time.  They're all staying at Moran's sister's house, where despite tragedy, the rooms are filled with laughter and games. 

"My family took the kids so they wouldn't see the fire and everything," Moran said.


What she wants is for her kids to have a good Christmas.

"The presents they got (were) destroyed. Mostly everything. We don't have nothing," Moran said.

The whole family needs new clothes, and in the long-term, a new place to live since the home was uninsured. Those are details that haven't been worked out yet.

For now, they're just thankful everyone they love is safe and can spend the holidays together. 

The Red Cross is helping the Moran family. Anyone else who would like to help can email mireyarobles22@yahoo.com.

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