Waffle House brawl: Employee attacked by customers who wanted thermostat adjusted

Employee said one women threatened to get a gun

CORDOVA, Tenn. – Police are searching for the teen girl and two women who were caught on camera beating up a Tennessee Waffle House employee on New Year’s Eve.

The woman who shot the video was afraid to talk on camera, but told a WMC reporter the two adults and 16-year-old walked in and complained it was too hot in the restaurant, and asked that the temperature be turned down. The 21-year-old worker said she would tell her manager. One of the women didn't like the answer and punched the employee.

The employee said one of the women threatened to get a gun.

The woman who shot the video claims one of the women said, "Y’all going to die today."

The brawl continued with the women cursing as employees tried to get them out of the restaurant.

Police described the women in the video as 50-year-old heavy set woman, a 16-year-old and a 25-year-old. 

Police did get the license plate on the white four-door Nissan Altima when the women  drove off.

The Waffle House employee who was the victim of that attack was not seriously injured.