Houston congressman vows to renew impeachment efforts against Trump

HOUSTON – Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, used strong words Friday to describe President Donald Trump and vowed to renew efforts to impeach him.

During a news conference at his office in Houston, Green condemned Trump after accusations that the president used an expletive to describe Haiti and African countries during a meeting with lawmakers about immigration. Trump has denied making the remark.

Green recounted his experiences during the civil rights movement, saying he knows what bigotry and racism looks like.

“We have a president who is a bigot,” Green said. “I regret to say the words I have to say.”

Green said Trump has made comments on many occasions with racist and bigoted overtones, and the world expects action.

“The world knows that the soul of America is at a crossroads,” Green said.

Green said that next week, he will again bring articles of impeachment against the president. He said he will not lobby for votes, and that every representative will have to vote their conscience.

“I’m going to be on the right side of history,” Green said.

Green’s first effort to impeach Trump last year failed. The House overwhelmingly voted, 364-58, in December to kill the resolution.

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