VIDEO: Katy Perry invites South Texas girl onstage during San Antonio concert

Amanda Mitchell, 10, lives out ‘Teenage Dream' of meeting Perry at AT&T Center

SAN ANTONIO – For 10-year-old Amanda Mitchell, of Laredo, Texas, opening up her Christmas present of tickets to see Katy Perry’s "Witness: The Tour" in San Antonio was everything she ever wanted since becoming a Katy Perry fan at age 4. 

But being invited onstage by Perry during Wednesday night’s concert with thousands of people watching her at the AT&T Center was a “Teenage Dream” come true. 

Mitchell’s mother, Aurora Mitchell, told KSAT.com it was Amanda’s specially made dress resembling one of Perry’s Super Bowl 49 halftime show dresses that stood out to the pop singer in the crowd.

“We believe her costume that we had specially made for the concert (was the reason). Dad was flashing his phone light towards Amanda’s dress so that Katy (Perry) would notice it,” Aurora told KSAT.com.

Not only will Amanda never forget the special moment with her favorite artist but it will be a moment she can always look back on, since it was captured on video. 

“I am a huge, huge, huge, huge fan. (I’ve) been singing her songs since I was 4 years old,” Amanda said. “I listen to her music all the time!”

In the video shared with KSAT.com, Perry is seen bringing Amanda onstage and later asking her young fan, “Amanda, have you been in my closet?”


“I wore this outfit one time. It looks good on you, Amanda,” Perry said. 

Aurora said her daughter has always wanted to see Katy Perry in concert but she and her husband never imagined Amanda would actually meet Perry in person, let alone onstage.

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"The entire experience itself was special to her. She cried after getting off the stage (and she) was allowed to stay alongside the star after that," Aurora said. "After the concert, everyone noticed Amanda and acknowledged her and asked to take pictures as well. It was amazing." 

Toward the end of the video, Perry points to a nearby hanging prop and says to Amanda, “This is a real-life shooting star. I only pick one person at each show and I pick a very special person who I think needs to make a wish on this star.” 

Amanda’s wish is to get accepted into Harvard University one day.

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