Bexar County sheriff seeks family of original owner of antique trunk

Now converted coffee table has name ‘Lt. Hilton D. Shepherd' on it

SAN ANTONIO – Serving, protecting, preventing crime and putting the bad guys behind bars: It's all part of being Bexar County's top cop, but Sheriff Javier Salazar is now in search of a bit of history.

Salazar is an avid antique collector and hopes to return a priceless memento to the family of its rightful owner free of charge.

"It was our family coffee table for a couple of years and part of the character of the piece of furniture is that it’s got this name on it, Lt. Hilton D. Shepherd, and we always wondered who this person is. I wonder if it's a real person," Salazar said.

The converted coffee table was originally a trunk and purchased in Brownsville, Texas.

Salazar has since posted pictures of the trunk on Facebook, asking his followers for help finding Shepherd’s family.

"One of my friends that's a retired policeman actually told me he did some research and found out that Lt. Hilton D. Shepherd actually became a captain and was a captain in World War II," Salazar said.

Salazar is asking anyone with information on Shepherd or his family to send him a personal message on Facebook or call the Sheriff's Office.

"I'd like to hear his story. I'd like to hear what he did in World War II. I'd love to hear how he died, where he's buried and, of course, what memories the family may have of this piece of furniture," Salazar said.