WATCH: West Texans say 'powerful sandstorm' captured in viral video 'no big deal'


PECOS, Texas – Video of West Texas oil workers in neon vests struggling to stand upright during a "powerful sandstorm" is growing in popularity on Facebook.

While the conditions look bad in the video posted to ABC News' Facebook page earlier this week, Texans are setting the record straight.

"You people crack me up," Miranda Savant Massey commented. "It’s amazing how clueless you all are. This is West Texas. These sandstorms happen ALL the time! These guys work in the OILFIELD. The oilfield doesn’t stop because of a little wind."

Another called it "good ol West Texas weather," commenting on the quickly changing weather conditions of the region.

"80 degrees one day, windy and cold the next, then blizzard weather and back to sunny and hot all in one week!" Lydia Perez Brown said. "Love it and hate it at times!"

Many remarked on the resilience of oil workers who, according to passionate Facebook commenters, go to work in "ungodly heat," or snow.

"My husband was in this working and it was no big deal," Amy Rodriguez commented.

Watch the sandstorm below:

Workers get caught in sand storm

Workers in Texas struggle to stay upright amid powerful sandstorm. http://abcn.ws/2qVCzOX

Posted by ABC News on Thursday, January 11, 2018