ACS seizes several horses, donkeys on Northeast Side

Owner, caretaker may face charges, ACS says

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SAN ANTONIO – Several horses and donkeys were seized Wednesday on the city’s Northeast Side.

Animal Care Services officials believe up to two dozen animals were in danger and they were able to locate at least nine of those animals.

The animals were found on a property used for construction debris off Old O’Connor Road.

ACS said Wednesday’s seizure was part of an investigation that went on for weeks, and the animals were found to be malnourished.

“There is some water, but that water was frozen over because of the last couple of days’ weather. So they have not been receiving the care that they needed,” said Lisa Norwood, with ACS.

The property owner was not there, but a person who acted as a caretaker lives on the property. ACS said charges are possible for both people.