Local church giving homeless shelter from frigid weather

SAN ANTONIO – Freezing temperatures are forcing the city's homeless to search for a warm place to stay and shelters are seeing huge crowds.

The Life Restored Church is helping the homeless by providing shelter and food. They started taking in the homeless at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

"I can't see being a Christian, more less a Pastor, without doing this," pastor Alex Fleming of the Life Restored Church said. "That doesn't jive together."

Pastor Fleming said his church took in 40 people, but because of their small size, they couldn't take in more.

"When we tell the people no and you see the look on their face," Fleming said. "It bugs me."

Those staying the night were thankful. Many admitted they would have no where else to go and would be forced to stay under a bridge.

"I stayed (under a bridge) last night and I got pretty wet," Nader Vasheghai said. "All my stuff got wet so I'm not trying to stay there."

Pastor Fleming and his volunteers will also be serving breakfast Wednesday morning.

The life Restored Church operates with volunteers and through donations.

If you would like to help Pastor Fleming says you can do so by dropping items off, visiting their website or messaging him on their Facebook page.

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