SA's airport travel returning to normal after icy cancellations

Some passengers still catching up after being grounded

SAN ANTONIO – After a day of cancellations, air traffic at San Antonio International Airport appeared to be returning to normal Wednesday.

During the worst of the icy weather Tuesday morning, some 30 flights were grounded, leaving passengers to make other last minute arrangements.

Many were rebooked on flights later in the day.

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A few, like Conrad Carr, weren't able to get out at all, though.

"Yesterday, I was bumped twice, then booked on a flight that ultimately got canceled," he said.

Carr was supposed to have spent the night in Dallas. Instead, he had to make a quick turnaround trip.

A handful of people appeared to have spent the night at the airport. They were seen sleeping on chairs throughout the terminal.

One man who woke up said, due to all the cancellations, he arrived in San Antonio too late to make his connecting flight. He planned to try to make the connection again in the morning.

Lindsey Berwick was one of many travelers whose plans had her avoiding all the trouble.

The Boerne resident and her two preschoolers arrived at the airport Wednesday morning for their scheduled flight to Colorado, happy they didn't have to fly on a day with so many cancellations.

Still, she says, she kept her attention on the news just in case.

"We got a hotel close to the airport for that reason, so that we wouldn't have any issues driving in this morning" Berwick said.

As of 7 a.m. Wednesday, it appeared most travelers would not have any problems. The flight boards at the airport showed only two cancellations.   

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