Winter storm causes headaches for San Antonio travelers

SAN ANTONIO – The winter storm caused headaches for travelers flying in or out of San Antonio on Tuesday.

Dozens of flights were canceled Monday into Tuesday morning, but by the afternoon most departures  were listed as on time.

Although the San Antonio International Airport had fewer people than normal, the airport remained open amid winter storm concerns.

The storm did, however, cause several flights to be delayed or canceled, especially those that were scheduled to leave early Tuesday morning.

Carol Bullerwell and her daughter were trying to get to Orlando by way of Houston. They said they had a frustrating day getting their flights rebooked.

"They would cancel and then they would say this is the next flight, and so they did that twice and this third cancellation nothing, so ok, now what do we do?" Bullerwell said. "We thought the best thing to do is come to the airport to see if we could leave and find out what's going on and actually get it taken care of by talking to someone at the counter. There's nothing else leaving for Houston tonight but we got it for tomorrow." 

Bullerwell and her daughter were just two of the thousands of travelers impacted by Tuesday's winter weather.

The family took it all in stride. They said they are looking forward to getting to some warmer weather in Florida.

Those flying out either Tuesday or Wednesday should check with their airline before heading out to insure there aren't any problems in terms of delays.

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