Disabled student will be able to use walking device on campus again

School previously cited safety concerns for banning use of device

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LIVE OAK, Texas – A disabled student who was told he would not be able to use a device that allows him to walk at school due to safety concerns will be allowed to walk again on campus starting Friday.

Ryan Dickerson, 19, and his family had been fighting for his right to use the device that allows him to walk while on campus.

Daniel Dickerson, Ryan’s Dickerson’s father, said he received a call Thursday from the Judson Independent School District superintendent, saying the teen will be allowed to use his device on campus, effective immediately.

“This is a tremendous relief for us. He doesn't get a lot of joy in his life, so for this to have been taken away, it’s horrific. But for it to be given back is just amazing,” Daniel Dickerson said.

The school district previously said Ryan Dickerson had outgrown his device in weight and height, which caused a safety concern. That was cleared up by the student’s doctor.