San Antonio Reddit users help Alamo City transplant find his way around SA

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SAN ANTONIO – A recent San Antonio transplant asked his fellow Reddit users to list their favorite places in the city -- from breweries to Mexican restaurants, Reddit users didn't hold back on their recommendations.

The Reddit post, which spans more than 80 comments, started after Reddit user "Ordonuts" posted "I just recently moved down here to SA and want to know what the locals recommend. Places to eat (your favorite food truck you know about, that one hole in the wall taco place, family owned restaurant, local owned, any place you recommended) and places to have a nice beer (brewery, brew pubs, bars). Honestly anything you guys would recommend in this city. I plan to live in this city for quiet a while and want to know every part of it!"

Here are the places Reddit users suggested...


  • "El Taco Regio truck on North St. Marys between Hard Bodies and Limelight for the best street tacos in town." 
  • "You gotta try Frank for hotdogs, gourmet hotdogs if there’s such a thing, with amazing poutine fries as best you’re gonna get down south, all in a cool cathedral-turned-restaurant."
  • "Alamode for some of the city’s best ice cream, if you want something sweet."
  • "Mina and Dimi’s Greek House"
  • "Battalion, Range (or any place owned and operated by Jason Dady)"
  • "Mama Margie’s"
  • "I like Pete's Tako house."
  • "Dogfathers was amazing when I tried it the other day."
  • "Taqueria El Rodeo De Jalisco, 3721 Colony Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230 This place is off the chain if you’re looking for breakfast tacos or want a Mexican plate for lunch."
  • "Thai Bistro & Sushi, 5999 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249. Seriously, go get some."
  • "Aloha Shaved Ice, Fruit Cups & More, 11761 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216. First off, if you don’t know what a mangonada is, google it. If that doesn’t sound like something you’re into, you should still swing by this place for some shaved ice or a fruit cup. Aloha is great."
  • "2M Smokehouse for amazing BBQ."
  • "My favorite Ramen place is Kimura, which is located downtown."
  • "Another area that I really enjoy is the area surrounding Baklovah. It's a great dessert place with all kinds of pastries, Turkish delight and baklava. Right by it you can also find a great Mediterranean restaurant called "Pasha". And then there is also Ali Baba's, which is a grocery store that has a lot of middle eastern and south Asian specialty ingredients."
  • "Simi's Indian Restaurant is really good."
  • "Can vouch for Halcyon for a late-night something-to-do. It's the only coffee shop open that late. There's also Alamode next door which has great (albeit expensive) gelato."
  • "Chachos"
  • "Mi Hacienda restaurant off potranco."
  • "Chapala taco house off Austin highway."
  • Teka Molino off rittiman.


  • "Freetail Brewery"
  • "Dorcol"
  • "Highwheel"
  • "Küntsler"
  • "The Friendly Spot"
  • "Luna on San Pedro is a really cool bar for live music and good drinks."
  • "The Brooklynite."
  • "Esquire."
  • "1919"
  • "50/50 bar on Broadway is awesome. Good food and kinda low key."
  • "I'm also a big fan of just going to Burleson Train yard and drinking some local beers and having a good time."
  • "The bar at Southerleigh. Usually have some decent brews and it's always interesting for people watching and conversation."
  • "Cullum’s Attagirl is a small beer-oriented bar, great food (especially the fried bologna sandwich) with a just expanded kitchen area."
  • "Weathered Souls is the best brewery in town imo."
  • "5 Stones is a bit outside of town and also awesome."
  • "Growler Exchange is one of my favorite beer spots." 
  • "I always recommend I10 Icehouse!"

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