Schertz City Council accepts city manager's resignation

Council members in executive session for 3 hours

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SCHERTZ, Texas – Outrage ensued outside Schertz City Council chambers on Friday over the controversial resignation of City Manager John Kessel.

Kessel’s resignation is effective next Friday. The City Council voted 4-3 to accept his resignation.  

Council members met in executive session for three hours to discuss concerns with Kessel’s handling of city business.

Council member Scott Larson could not go into details about the discussion, but he said there was a difference in leadership styles that some council members disagreed with.

"I will say there was not any indication or any accusation that rose to the level of unethical behavior in any way whatsoever. There is none. There is no documented evidence of anything of that nature. It was simply a disagreement with his personal leadership style," Larson said.

Larson said he was personally pleased with Kessel's performance. 

Outside council chambers, many community leaders spoke out in outrage and praised Kessel for how he has helped the community.

Kessel has served as city manager since 2011. The details of his severance pay are still being determined.

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