ESPN reporter saves SA dog from traffic before Spurs-Cavs game

Cavs beat writer Dave McMenamin went to great lengths to rescue miniature poodle

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Twitter: @mcten


SAN ANTONIO – Lisa Norwood of Animal Care Services told KSAT.com that Rockstar's original owner was finally reached and she will be picking up the now-famous miniature poodle sometime on Thursday. 

ESPN's Dave McMenamin shared the great news on his Twitter account.


While many reporters from across the country were in town to cover the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs game on Tuesday, one ESPN reporter went to great lengths before the game to rescue a dog that was stuck in the middle of busy traffic. 

In a tweet, ESPN Cavs beat writer Dave McMenamin shared a photo of a dog in the back seat of his car, saying, “City of San Antonio, I need your help. I found this stray dog weaving in and out of traffic on E Houston St by the AT&T Center and picked him up in my rental car. Where can I take him now?”

Many on Twitter suggested to McMenamin he should just keep Buddy, but he responded, “For those telling me to keep him: I’d love to. But I’m on the road 150 days a year for work. I cannot own a dog.”

McMenamin spent about an hour exploring options on where to take his new friend he named “Buddy” until a follower finally pointed him in the direction of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services.


After a nice ride to ACS that involved rolling down the window and a couple of pats on the head for Buddy, McMenamin was greeted with great news by the shelter’s staff sharing that his new friend is microchipped. 

When learning about McMenamin’s inspiring rescue, KSAT.com contacted ACS Wednesday and received bittersweet news from spokesperson Lisa Norwood.

Norwood said even though Buddy -- whose new name is “Rockstar” -- was in fact, microchipped, his owners did not answer their calls or emails that were listed in the system for the 6-year-old miniature poodle.

However, within hours after McMenamin dropping him off, Rockstar was adopted by a new family and have been put in a waiting period until Jan. 29 to see if the original owners will come forward. 

Norwood added that this is a prime example of improper use of a microchip for your pet loved ones. 

“The whole point of having a microchip is having that direct connection to an owner with accurate contact information just in case something like this occurs,” Norwood told KSAT.com.

“Microchipping your pet is not just another city law … it’s a lost pet's ticket home. In Rockstar's case, that home turned out to be a new one that came with a second chance.”

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Despite being dirty and covered in fleas, Rockstar was in good health and even received a pretty sweet hairdo that reflected his name and new celebrity status: a Mohawk.

As for McMenamin, saying goodbye to his Buddy was a tough decision. 

“Tough to say goodbye to Buddy like this. But he’s safe now,” McMenamin tweeted.

ACS provides free registered microchips seven days a week at the shelter, which is located at 4710 State Highway 151.


To follow McMenamin’s journey with Buddy, scroll below and read his tweets. 

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