UPDATE: SA delivery man dropping off Whataburger has funny sleeping baby, doorbell fail

Mom of 4-month-old baby emails KSAT to give update on doorbell fail!

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio man who recently dropped off a Whataburger order for a food delivery service may pay closer attention next time to the sign on the front door, especially if that involves a sleeping baby.

Courtney Ballard shared a hilarious video with KSAT.com that showed her delivery driver walk up to her front door, ring the doorbell and then realize there was a wreath hanging that had a very important message that all parents of newborns can appreciate.

The wreath read: “Do not ring doorbell. Shhhh! Sleeping Baby Baby will wake & we’ll get annoyed. Sh*t will get real. Absolutely no soliciting.”

The delivery driver immediately caught his mistake and did a face-palm as he waited for Taylor to open the door.

The video Ballard posted on Facebook cuts off, but she shared in the comments that he was excused since he had Whataburger. 


Ballard said in the comments the driver kept apologizing and other people commented to say he appeared to genuinely feel bad.

The story was shown on KSAT's Good Morning San Antonio at 9 on Thursday and Courtney emailed KSAT to give an update on her baby. The email read:

"Baby Hudson did not wake up! He’s so used to it by now lol. He’s 4 months old and we just purchased the sign. It is mainly to stop people from soliciting!!" 

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The delivery service company, Favor Delivery, caught wind of the mishap and sent a gift basket to Ballard’s home with a card.

The video has been viewed more than 106,800 times since it was shared by Ballard on Jan. 20.

Thank you Favor Delivery!!!

Posted by Courtney Taylor Ballard on Monday, January 22, 2018

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