SAPD Chief McManus summoned for jury duty in murder case

McManus sat on jury panel all day


SAN ANTONIO – Many Bexar County residents have experienced the moment when they open their mailbox and shuffle through the handful of letters, only to see they’ve been summoned for jury duty. 

And when it comes to serving on a jury, no one is exempt.

KSAT’s sports director Greg Simmons, for instance, has been summoned at least 12 times and has served jury duty three times.

And now, not even William McManus, the chief of the San Antonio Police Department, is immune from the call.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg tweeted out a photo of McManus on Thursday, saying, “That time our Top Cop gets called for his civic duty.”

After learning about McManus’ civic duty, KSAT.com contacted SAPD and received some interesting details on the chief’s day. 

SAPD said McManus sat on the jury panel all day long and was given a “voir dire” -- a preliminary examination of a witness or a juror by a judge or counsel -- on a murder case from 2016 in Judge Laura Parker’s court. 

Not surprisingly, McManus was not selected to be a juror after going through the whole process before being released.

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