14-year-old girl who thwarted predator's attack calls for other victims to come forward

Police believe more young people may have been approached

SAN ANTONIO – A 14-year-old girl who police say warded off a sexual predator and got him off the streets said she hopes her coming forward will encourage other victims to do the same.

“I was, like, scared, but at the same time, I was grossed out,” the girl, who KSAT is not identifying due to her age, said.

On the morning of Jan. 22, as the girl walked to her bus stop on Robin Rest, a man who police identified as Rafael Villegas allegedly offered her a ride. She declined, but Villegas didn’t stop there, the girl said.

“He starts gesturing to his pants, and it's like really, really disturbing and weird. And by this time, he's already on the curb with his driver’s side towards me,” the girl said.

SAPD: Solicitation of a Minor

((WARNING: THIS IS A LIVE FEED AND VULGAR LANGUAGE MAY BE USED)) BREAKING: SAPD has arrested a suspect for Solicitation of a Minor.

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The girl cried out.

“I yelled and told him to get away. Like, back off,” she said,

Villegas’ actions didn’t go unnoticed by neighbors. One followed him, snapped pictures and turned them into police, who were then able to arrest and charge Villegas with solicitation of a minor, a relief for the girl’s stepmother.

“Ultimately, he has no business being around kids. He has no business being around schools. He has no business terrorizing anybody. Period,” said Celene Isaac, the girl’s stepmother.

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Isaac has a message for other victims: “Don’t be scared. If you’re a minor, you can report it and you can remain anonymous."

"Nobody should do that to anybody. It’s just gross,” the girl said.

The girl said she will be more vigilant when walking to the bus stop from now on.

Police are investigating claims that Villegas may have approached other young people. If that’s the case, more charges may be filled. Anyone who is a victim or who has information is asked to call police at 210-207-2313.

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