Study claims Texas is the best state to drive in, Texans beg to differ

AUSTIN – Earlier this week, WalletHub declared Texas the best state to drive in. Texans, however, are skeptical of the distinction.

Researchers generated the list after looking at average gas prices, rush-hour traffic congestion, road quality and other factors.

Through this research, Texas was identified as the state with the most "positive driving experience."

As word of the award spread, Texans chimed in to refute the claim.

"'Texas was ranked the best state to drive in'- A poll that surveyed no one that lived and worked on 290," one Twitter user joked.

Another Tweeted, "Could have just stopped the headline after the first 5 words."

A quick twitter search of the phrase "Texans don't know how to drive," yielded many results -- most stating how bad Texans were at driving in ice.

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But, somehow, Texas was named the best state to drive in. Tell us what you think: Is Texas TRULY the best state to drive in?


See how Texas stacked up to other states:

Source: WalletHub