Little boy who insisted on eating ‘apple' refuses to admit mistake

He's committed, that's for sure!


LUTJENSEE, Germany – A mom uploaded a video to Facebook Monday of her son eating what he originally thought was an apple.

The mother posted the exchange in the post, saying her son wanted to eat the apple despite her insistence it was an onion.

He argued it was an apple and mom gave in, letting him try the onion.

Turns out the joke’s on her.

- Mama, darf ich diesen Apfel essen? - Nein, das ist eine Zwiebel. - Das ist ein Apfel! - Es ist eine Zwiebel. - Es ist ein Apfel!!!. - ok wenn Du darauf bestehst dann esse ihn. (Lieber tot als den Fehler zuzugeben)👇

Posted by Gesa Croonen on Monday, January 29, 2018

Google translated the post from German to English with the following text:

Mom, can I eat this apple?
- no, it's an onion.
- it's an Apple!
- it's an onion.
- it's an Apple!!!.
- okay if you insist, eat it.
(rather dead than admitting the mistake)👇

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