Vandals ransack Texas Girl Scout house in the middle of cookie season


TEXAS CITY, Texas – Vandals targeted a Girl Scout house in Texas City sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday night.

The vandals broke in through a back window and ransacked the place.

“It’s dangerous for the girls to be here now. You never know if it could happen again," Troop mom Sandra Dean said. "We have Daisies who are 5 years old. Our youngest are 5 that come in here.”

The girls of Troop 26214 in Texas City will not be meeting at the house anytime soon due to the damage done by the vandals.

“It’s just not fair and it’s not right for our girls,” Dean said.

Once inside, the vandals overturned tables and spray-painted vulgar images and messages throughout the house. Even tagging some walls with gang graffiti.

Nothing appeared to have been stolen, according to the homeowner, but the house was trashed and items were thrown all over the floors of the house.

The vandals also spray-painted "F*** UR COOKIES" on another part of the walls in the house.

There is no word on who is responsible for the damage.

Texas City police said they have a gang specialist investigator on the case, however the chief said the vandals may have wanted to create a perception this was gang-related.

The timing of these cold-hearted acts could not have been any worse.

“We’re in the middle of cookie season and it’s wonderful," Dean said. "Now we have to put cookies to the side for a little bit to think about how we are going to help our own house.”