Star witness in Uresti fraud trial: 'This is blood money you took from my kids'

Denise Cantu cross-examined for third day

SAN ANTONIO – The star witness in the fraud trial of state Senator Carlos Uresti returned Monday to the witness stand for a third day of cross-examination.

Uresti's attorney Michael McCrum asked Denise Cantu, the woman who admitted to having a sexual relationship with Uresti and FourWinds CEO Stan Bates, about $170,000 she received in wire transfers and about opening an account with Bates.

Cantu said she never had access to FourWinds account information and was told by Uresti to consult with attorney Raymundo Valdez. 

She said that Uresti told her not to "mention him" and that Uresti also told her he had contacted the FBI.

Cantu met with the FBI in June 2017.

Text messages between Uresti and Cantu were shown to the jury on Monday afternoon. One text from Cantu to Uresti read, "This is not lottery money. This is blood money you took from my kids."

McCrum kept asking Cantu why she kept communicating with Uresti about the Junior Venture Agreement, to which she responded, "He asked me to."

Cantu invested $900,000 in the now-defunct fracking sand company and ended up losing most of the investment. 

On Tuesday, the case agent with the FBI is scheduled to take the stand.

Uresti and co-defendant Gary Cain face a combined 20 felony counts, ranging from money laundering to securities fraud. 

Bates pleaded guilty earlier last month to eight felony counts.

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