Julian Castro talks Parkland school shooting, presidential run, failed immigration legislation

AUSTIN, Texas – From the Parkland shooting in Florida, to a possible run for President, Former San Antonio Mayor and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro touched on a variety of issues in an interview with an Austin TV station this week.

Castro commented on the deadly school shooting in Florida, saying part of the solution is both legislation and resources.

"Clearly something is happening," Castro told Austin's KBTC-TV. "Part of the answer is sensible gun legislation, to make sure that background checks are universal, to ban certain military style weapons like we used to. Also, to make sure that schools have the resources they need to identify and to help individuals like this troubled young man."

Castro also spoke on the failed attempts to pass four separate immigration proposals recently in Washington -- including one backed by President Donald Trump.

The President proposed creating a path to citizenship for individuals who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. In return, Trump asked for $25 billion dollars to build a wall -- and other measures -- to boost border security.

He called the four, now-failed, immigration measures a disappointment.

"We have millions of families right now that are living in fear and every day," Castro said. "They're anxious and they don't know whats next, and that's particularly troubling because these dreamers are blameless. They were brought here as children. They feel like they are Americans. They believe they are Americans, because they are with everything except a piece of paper."

As for a presidential run, Castro also said he would make his decision sometime after November elections, but before the end of the year.