Armed man posing as online buyer robs sneaker sellers at apartment complex

Suspect used OfferUp app to contact sellers

SAN ANTONIO – A man was arrested after using an app to contact some people selling sneakers and then robbing them once they met up at an apartment complex. 

Fast Facts:

Police said 18-year-old Draevion Burley Jeter used the OfferUp app to contact his victims.

On Dec. 5, Jeter inquired about buying a pair of gold and white Jordan sneakers and met with two people in front of an apartment complex, police said.

Authorities said after inspecting the merchandise, Jeter pulled out a gun instead of a wallet, taking the sneakers as the victims fled.

The victims gave police the name Jeter used on the app,

Police determined that a man matching Jeter's description, using the same screen name on the OfferUp app, committed two other robberies the next day.

Authorities used Jeter's license plate to determine his identity and apprehend him.

Jeter was jailed on four counts of aggravated robbery and is being held on $300,000 bond.

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