Home surveillance video captures murder suspect standing over victim's body, police say

David Ortiz, 17, charged in murder of Anthony Garcia


SAN ANTONIO – Police have arrested a 17-year-old in connection with a fatal shooting that happened outside of a home on the city's North Side late last month.

Investigators said home surveillance video ties David Ortiz to the murder of Anthony Garcia. 

Witnesses told investigators Garcia was at his home in the 1600 block of Mardell on Jan. 31 when he left to go to a corner store to get more beer. When he returned, witnesses said he was driving fast because he said a truck was following him. 

When Garcia got out of his car, witnesses said he yelled for everyone to get down. What happened after, police said, was captured on home surveillance video.

According to an affidavit, the truck following Garcia is recorded turning the corner and leaving before shots are fired. From another camera angle, Ortiz is seen walking up to the carport with a gun at 11:32 p.m.. Seconds later, Garcia is seen "(reacting) to apparently being shot," then, the affidavit says, Ortiz is seen standing over Garcia's body.


Authorities showed the surveillance video to Ortiz's girlfriend who described herself as a long-time friend of Garcia's family. She said while she was at Garcia's home with several others at the time of the shooting and seen in surveillance video in the carport where the shooting happened, she could not identify the gunman from the video.

Investigators showed another witness the surveillance video, and the witness identified the person standing over Garcia's body as Ortiz.

When investigators interviewed Ortiz on Friday, he said he was at the house the night of the murder because his girlfriend was there. When investigators asked him whether he had a gun that night, investigators said Ortiz ended the interview.

Police discover clear, high capacity magazine 

In addition to the surveillance video, police said a gun believed to have been used in the murder was also recovered.

Garcia's brother called investigators on Feb. 6 after a neighbor told him Ortiz had gone by to sell them a black gun with a clear, high capacity magazine. While the neighbor refused to buy the gun, the affidavit said Ortiz left the gun at the neighbor's house and investigators recovered the gun and submitted it for testing.

A firearms examiner concluded that the six shell casings and bullets recovered from Garcia's body had been fired from the gun.

According to the affidavit, a witness also told investigators they had seen Ortiz with a clear magazine and that Ortiz told the witness he had gotten it online. Additionally, the affidavit said Ortiz told the witness that he had a black gun.

Ortiz was taken into custody on Friday and charged with Garcia's murder.