Community creating museum for untold stories of black history in S.A.

Creating Black History in S.A: SAAACAM

SAN ANTONIO – A local man has discovered the untold African American history of San Antonio and with the help of the community is creating a museum where anyone can find it with the click of a mouse. 

Historic preservation expert, Everett Fly has been unraveling San Antonio’s black history piece by piece, from forgotten cemeteries to brands of farm and cattle owners and even famous fiddlers. 

“We're taking these pieces, newspaper articles, historic maps photographs and kind of re-piecing or recreating or reconstructing what's turning out to be a tremendous African American history that san Antonio has not paid proper respect to," Fly said.

Unlike traditional museums, the San Antonio African American Community Museum will be a digital database. All of Fly’s findings will be uploaded to be accessed online including documents, articles, photos, interviews and more.

SAAACAM is currently looking for volunteers to help digitize materials, transcribe interviews, give neighborhood tours etc. The organizers also have numerous fundraisers to help bring the museum to life. 

SAAACAM 2018 Fiesta medals and brand caps can be ordered by sending an e-mail request to the following address:

Orders can also be made by Facebook messaging: or via telephone by contacting Mr. George Frederick: 210-313-2038.

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