Grace period begins to pay fines for outstanding warrants

Enforcement period ends March 9

SAN ANTONIO – Do you have an outstanding ticket that needs to be taken care of? 

You have three weeks to take care of the ticket before police possibly come knocking at your door at home or work and arrest you.

Warrant Resolution Campaign Fast Facts:

  • Grace period begins Monday and ends March 9.
  • Applies to misdemeanor Class C violations, such as traffic violations and city ordinance violations.
  • People with outstanding warrants will get a telephone call and a letter in the mail to be reminded about the ticket.
  • Fines can be paid online. Click here for a link. 
  • By mail to: Municipal Court, 401 S. Frio, San Antonio, Texas 78207
  • In person at Frank D. Wing Municipal Court Building at 401 S. Frio.
  • Free parking at municipal court will be available during the three-week period.
  • Individuals can view their outstanding warrant at online. Click here for a link. 

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