Group of MacArthur High students petitioning for change in gun laws

Letters to be sent out to public officials

SAN ANTONIO – MacArthur High School students are petitioning for changes in gun laws to prevent more people from being victims of mass shooters.

"That's not the first time we've seen those images, those videos. How many shootings have there been this year?" said Kylie Strain, a senior at MacArthur.

About 20 to 25 letters will be sent to city leaders, congressmen, senators and the White House. Many express frustration and fear about school safety.

"Your life could be taken at any moment because of someone else's anger, and it does cross your mind a lot, especially at school," said Bailey Ragan, a senior at MacArthur.

Senior Emily Lesch said the violence isn’t just limited to schools.

"I think it goes bigger than that, like the Vegas shooting. I went to the musical festival the weekend after the Vegas shooting and my mom was scared for my life," Lesch said.

The MacArthur High School seniors and their peers joining the effort want to see an emphasis on mental health and gun control.

"I definitely think that background checks need to be harder to buy a gun. It just does. You shouldn't be able to walk into a store at 18 and purchase a semi-automatic weapon," said Miranda Alonzo, a senior.

Many of the students are worried that last week’s shooting in Florida that claimed the lives of 17 people will become just another statistic.

"Unfortunately, based on the way our government is treating us, there will be more shootings. And at this rate, there will be many more. Sooner or later, they have to realize this isn't something we can just wait out," said Seth Fichter, a senior.

The letters are expected to be sent out by next week.The students said the letters are not part of a school project and are not associated with the district. The idea was their own and thought up to make schools safer for future generations.

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