'We're child molester-hunting': Gang member in live video prior to arrest

Tengo Orejon member arrested after threatening rapper 6ix9ine over SA show

SAN ANTONIO – Police arrested three men on Thursday, all of which suspected of being members of Texas' most notorious gang network Tango Orejon, after they drove to the airport with intentions of confronting rapper 6ix9ine.


Self-proclaimed member of Tango Orejon, Adam Rodriguez, took to Instagram live in a profanity-laced stream before the planned confrontation stating he and approximately four others in the car with him were going "child molester-hunting."

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On Sunday, Rodriguez posted a video of himself and several others banning the rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, from San Antonio because of his 2015 use of a child in a sexual performance conviction. 6ix9ine was scheduled to perform at Bar 23 on Thursday, and Rodriguez, according to his Instagram live video, was on his way to the airport with several other purported members of Tango Orejon to confront the rapper.

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"How many of y'all doubted us?" Rodriguez asked his Instagram live viewers. "We're looking. If we find him, y'all better pray for that (racial epithet). We are child molester-hunting, alright?"

Rodriguez followed up his "child molester-hunting" remark with "we're not trying to kill (6ix9ine). We don't got no weapons," and raised his fists to the camera, insinuating they would fist fight Hernandez.

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Rodriguez said at least three other cars were caravaning to the airport to fight the rapper. Rodriguez streamed the drive, but cut off and told everyone to stay tuned. Minutes later, the driver of the truck Rodriguez was in was pulled over by authorities.

Rodriguez streamed the traffic stop and showed a short line of police cars -- Rodriguez counted eight -- and said officers were searching the white Toyota Tundra.

"Yeah we took an L, but it is what it is," Rodriguez said as he stood along the side of the road while authorities searched the truck.

According to a preliminary report, the officer recognized Rodriguez from the viral video threatening Hernandez, which was posted Sunday.

Police said the caravan of vehicles stopped near the terminal and dropped off one of the passengers. The airport officer called for cover and one of the vehicles was stopped as it was leaving the airport, according to the preliminary report.

The report said the passenger was detained in the terminal. The passenger and the driver were both booked on outstanding traffic warrants.

Rodriguez, who was seen front and center in the viral social media video, was arrested on a terroristic threat charge and his bond has been set at $5,000.