Online map shows how Hurricane Harvey relief funds are spent

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HOUSTON, Texas – The governor's commission to rebuild Texas launched a new online tool that shows how billions of dollars in Hurricane Harvey relief funds are being spent.

The Recovery Tracker feature separates the coastal communities ravaged by Harvey into five different regions and allows users to scroll over specific counties for information ranging from how much money is in survivors' hands to the number of FEMA-approved applicants in the county.


The commission organized the data in an effort to be more transparent about how the money is being spent.

The digital tool contains data from the Texas General Land Office and FEMA, but the governor’s commission said it intends on adding even more information as it is provided to the commission.

The digital dashboard notes how many individuals have been approved for public assistance, how much assistance has been provided to survivors thus far, how many direct housing assistance projects have been completed and how many individuals are in FEMA-funded hotels, among other items of interest.