Rockport couple living in trailer after apartment destroyed by Harvey

ROCKPORT, Texas – Sunday marks six months since Hurricane Harvey swept through the Rockport area. Even though some began the rebuilding process immediately after the storm, not much has changed.

A week after Harvey hit, Chilton Moore and Magen Berry came back to nothing. Moore said they grabbed what the could and left, but returned to an uninhabitable apartment.

"It was a months process to tear it down," Moore said.

Moore and Berry have been living in a trailer on a friend's nearby property since then. Despite losing all of their belongings, they consider themselves among the lucky ones.

"It's sad that you lose all your stuff, but at least we didn't have to pick it up and we have somewhere to live," Berry said.

Moore does construction and was able to help rebuild his friend's home next to their trailer. And, working as a fence builder, Moore said there are now plenty jobs available.

The couple said they're hoping to move closer to town, but with the setback they faced following Hurricane Harvey, they're not sure when that will be possible.

"A lot of the apartments around here are destroyed or I wouldn't say low income," Berry said. "But, if you don't want to spend your whole paycheck on rent, there's nowhere to live."