Firefighters searching house for urn after family loses home, belongings to fire

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SAN ANTONIO – Firefighters are doing what they can for a family after a fire tore through the family's home late Monday night.

San Antonio Fire Department Battalion Chief Connie Hall said a man was lacquering cabinets in a home in the 200 block of Odis Street when a blow torch caused the flames.

Hall said the family, who does not have homeowners insurance, was in the middle of remodeling their home.

Firefighters were able to put out the flames, but the house was a total loss and the fire scorched the family's belongings. Damage to the home was estimated to be $70,000 and damage to property was estimated to be $25,000.

Firefighters were sent into the home once the fire was put out to look for an urn carrying the remains of a family member.

"We're having one of the crews go in -- who is also one of our fire department pastors -- go in to find the ashes," Hall said. "We feel pretty confident that (the ashes are) OK since they are in an urn."

Hall said the Red Cross is working with the family, but said the family will need additional help to get back on their feet.