After spending more than year at SA Humane Society, dog finds forever home

SAN ANTONIO – A Chihuahua mix named Fritos has found a forever home after spending more than a year at the San Antonio Humane Society.

The pooch was found "homeless and alone," suffering from scaly skin and irritation, according to the SAHS.

Tests for mites, mange, scabies and a fungal infection all came back negative. SAHS officials said he's even been through blood work, skin scrapes, special diets and shampoos -- all of which unable to pinpoint what makes the dog's skin irritated.

"We’ve come to a point where we believe the best thing for Fritos is a permanent home with a dedicated family committed to treating his condition,” said Samantha Delicati, SAHS surgical services supervisor.

That finally came true on Friday after the SAHA's post about Fritos drew animal lovers from all corners.