Sheriff: Inmates had weeks of planning, help from the outside prior to jailbreak

Jail recreation yards not being used as BCSO inspects them for breaches

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar confirmed on Monday that three capital murder suspects who escaped from the jail late last week likely planned the escape for weeks and had help from several people inside and outside the facility.

Eric Trevino, Jacob Brownson and Luis Arroyo were all booked over the weekend on an additional felony charge of escaping from a correctional facility.

Salazar revealed on Monday that the suspects likely planned the escape in calls made from inside the jail to friends and family members, and were somehow able to get tools that allowed them to cut through several layers of material in an indoor recreation yard.

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"We're looking at these outside suspects that were able to get the tools in. We know how it was done," said Salazar, who added that calls made out from all three men were recorded, a standard practice inside the facility.

Those recordings are now being scoured by BCSO investigators.

Salazar said the jail's more than a dozen recreation yards remain closed as teams of detention personnel and maintenance employees search them for possible security breaches.

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The front entrance of the jail along N. Comal Street was guarded by BCSO SERT officers Monday, but a lockdown at the jail had been lifted.

The woman who drove the men from the scene Friday -- and who was taken into custody in an apartment complex on Fredericksburg Road about an hour later -- has still not been formally charged, according to BCSO officials.

A source familiar with the investigation said she told investigators that she was led to believe at least one of the suspects was being released on bond.

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A BCSO detention officer assigned to the suspect's unit when the escape took place remains on paid administrative leave.

Salazar said Monday that the leave is not a punishment for the jailer, but instead is a standard procedure used to remove the jailer until the investigation can determine what happened.

Salazar said he would be contacting the family of 3-year-old Rene Blancas Jr., who authorities said was shot and killed by Trevino last November.

Blancas' parents said they feared for their safety Friday after learning that their son's accused killer was briefly free.

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