Man hit, killed on access road saved wife's life before losing his own

Daniel Pena was killed trying to cross 410 access road after car accident

SAN ANTONIO – Daniel Pena was killed over a week ago but his wife is keeping part of him alive. 

Pena died trying to cross an access road on the southeast side on Feb. 24. His wife Belinda said Daniel saved her life before losing his own. 

Belinda has lived with diabetes since she was 9.

"I had already gone through a kidney transplant and I had gone through dialysis for five years and he didn't want me to go through dialysis again," she said.

Six years ago, her kidneys began to fail again and Daniel donated his kidney to her without hesitation . 

"He was willing to do anything for me just so I wouldn't have to suffer," she said.

Then, on the evening of Feb. 24, a call from police left her heartbroken. 

Belinda said Daniel's car was hit from behind on southeast 410 between Corpus Christi Highway and South Presa Street.

"The car got out of control and I don't know if he got disoriented or distraught by the accident and he tried to go get help," she said.

He began walking through the freeway. Police said he made it across all the lanes of 410 but he was hit and killed when he was trying to cross the access road.

At his visitation Monday, surrounded by loved ones, it was still difficult for Belinda to accept that Daniel is gone. There is only one thing bringing her peace. 

"I know he's still living," she said.

Knowing that he'll forever stay with her allows her to see the positive message she can send to others.

"Just to be like him, you know, donate your organs," she said.

Being able to encourage others to do good is her way of spreading Daniel's act of love.

For more information on organ transplants, check with the Texas Transplant Institute, the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance or the State of Texas Kidney Foundation. You can also visit UTClivingdonor.com or UniversityTransplantCenter.com.

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