Work on famous private Caribbean cay, Necker Island, as Virgin assistant

Billionaire Richard Branson is hiring; live on his private island

NECKER ISLAND, British Virgin Islands – Sir Richard Branson is the billionaire owner of Virgin Group, a family of businesses with a shared brand.

He posted to LinkedIn on Thursday about a job opening based out of his private Caribbean paradise, Necker Island.

The personal and administrative assistant will help cover two busy offices.

"It’s a busy role in two even busier offices so think carefully as it’s not for everyone (despite the sunshine),” the job listing reads.

The biggest perk of the job is living on Necker Island, but you have to meet the criteria.

"We are of course looking for someone with fantastic admin and organisational skills as well as practical experience in a busy office," the posting states. "But your personality is just as important. As well as being a top-notch administrator, we’re also looking for someone who is self-motivated, outgoing and enthusiastic who can balance this with the essential need for discretion and confidentiality.”

View the full job listing on LinkedIn here.

If you think you’re a good candidate for the position you have until Saturday to apply.

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